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Mastering The Elements Course

"Saints and sages have taught mankind that whatever elements are found in the constitution of the Infinite Universe will also be found in the human body. The Universe is the entire Cosmos; and we are a microcosm of the entire Cosmos."

- Yogi Bhajan  


A 5-Week Journey Through The Tattvas

The five elements of creation are EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and ETHER, and in Kundalini Yoga we call them the "tattvas". They exist within us, just as they make up our physical world. Understanding, balancing and mastering the tattvas is essential on the path to awakening. 

Each of us will have elements that are more developed or comfortable for us, and others that we tend to avoid or find challenging. In this five week course, we will explore the qualities, attributes and energies of each of the tattvas and look at how to activate and harness the power of that element in our lives. 

Each week we will focus on a different element, and I will share diet and lifestyle tips, take home mantras and exercises, as well as a special meditation to master the elements. By the end of the five weeks you will have had a direct and lived experience of each of the elements, how it functions in your life, and have the knowledge and tools to amplify and direct the elemental energies at will. 

$99 Package Includes;

+ 5 Classes Focusing On A Different Element Every Week
+ Yoga Kriyas To Activate Each Element+ Diet & Lifestyle Tips For Each Element
+ Magic Mantra Tattva Activation
+ Identify Your Dominant Element
+ Learn How To Balance The Elements Within+ 5 Gong Baths
+ Meditation To Master The Elements

Wednesdays 6.30-8pm 
6th March- 3rd April 
Soul Flow Yoga

level 2, 51-53 Spring St, Bondi Junction
$22 Drop In/ 5-Week Package $99 * SAVE $11! *
Memberships & Class Passes Apply

Earlier Event: 6 January
PROJECT: 2019 New Year Workshop
Later Event: 8 March